Tiny Dancer

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 The Incredible True Story of a Young Burn Victim’s
Journey from Afghanistan

Thomas Dunne Books/St. Martin’s Press

Voted among the “100 Most Noteworthy Books of 2005”  by the Kansas City Star.

Reviews and Quotes:

"Can you imagine? You come from Afghanistan, you're 10 years old, you're burned, you don't know the language, and you're by yourself. You might as well be on Mars."     - Oprah Winfrey

"...Flacco's depiction of Zubaida's culture shock is remarkable.  His empathy and ability to tell Zubaida's story like he's inside her head makes for an engrossing feel-good read." - Publisher's Weekly  

"…Although this book is ostensibly about Zubaida, it is most interesting and affecting when Flacco writes about the girl’s benefactors, the men and women who put aside personal concerns for someone they barely knew. The topic could easily have generated a book maudlin in the extreme, but the author reins in the sap. Any emotional response from the reader is honestly earned, the product of a genuinely moving story. Similarly, the events of September 11, 2001, play a role in the book, but the author doesn’t let that larger context overshadow the small, personal story he is telling."   BookList—David Pitt

"After reading Tiny Dancer, one cannot help but be in awe of the human spirit. And it is a story of profound transformation, not merely physical, but that of the heart.” - Khaled Hosseini, Best Selling author, The Kite Runner

"…Quite simply, it is the most compelling, inspirational and triumphant story we've ever read." - Jerry and Linda Bruckheimer, Jerry Bruckheimer Films

"Of all the unforgettable stories coming after 9/11, here's one you'll be pleased to know about." - Charlie Gibson, ABC-TV

"Profoundly moving story." - Diane Sawyer, ABC-TV

"Transformed by an American doctor who gave Zubaida her life back...and got more than he ever hoped for in exchange." ABC News, John Quinones, six time Emmy award winning journalist

Interview with anthony flacco about tiny dancer.